we do have an S:Vox twitter it is @svoxuk

we do not follow people but you can follow us

we use our Twitter feed to publish event details and information

it is used at events like festivals to announce meeting times and places

if you need help or have any questions please email here

our Facebook page is a private group

it can’t be seen by the public and doesn’t show in your newsfeed

you will need to be approved to join it and we ask you to email us and let us know your name and email address

you can request a Facebook invite by emailing here

make sure you read our notes on how to behave on the front page

if something isn’t right or you would like us to add something just email us here

there is very little risk in interacting on our website

we have a blog that is a series of articles that you can comment on and we prefer that you give your christian name if only that it is nicer to feel you are a real person that is participating in the discussion ... we can always have a quiet word with anyone who starts to misbehave

that said it is always best when in doubt to ask for help or confirmation. Just ask one of our moderators if you are unsure about anything or anyone

naturally we treat everything with the utmost respect and confidentiality