This Autumn sees the launch of our new programme of events and we're very excited that this includes a series of creative workshops leading up to an exhibition in London.

The Broken Art Chronicles

The Broken Art Chronicles will use mosaic, creative writing and photography to explore the wisdom and creativity of trauma, loss and woundedness. Multi-media workshops led by artists and survivors will enable us to explore our brokenness and the beauty within and create individual artworks from tempered glass, colour, photos and writing that.

There will be an opportunity to exhibit the work in a South London gallery in December, curated by mosaic artist Concetta Perot.

The team:

The workshops and exhibition will be led by a multi-disciplinary team:

Mosaic artist:

Writer, educator and director of S:Vox: Jane Chevous

Photographer: Jon Boyce

dates for 2012 coming soon

Informal Meets 2011

S:Vox informal meets are an opportunity to meet, share and learn more about S:Vox in an informal environment. Sometimes includes a micro-sharing, when we introduce an idea or an activity that can be helpful to us. Open to survivors and supporters. Please get in touch if you would like to host one near you.

Saturday Wednesday 10th December 2011, London: Winter Gathering

Anyone who is free to come to a special S:VOX Winter Gathering in London. We'll have our own very special version of the ipod show, meet Marian (the new S:VOX chaplain), eat mince pies and other lovely stuff. Be so nice to meet up before the end of the year.

Informal Meets 2012

new dates coming soon