About our self- help groups…

For the first time in my life I felt supported & understood. I didn’t need to explain, I could be me

I just wanted to say that I am personally so grateful to the organisers of the Survivors programme and to Greenbelt for the space that they have created for survivors. It means such a lot to me

I really believe you helped save my life. I was having a really bad day, lost and without hope of ever telling anyone about my abuse and really considering killing myself because I could bare the burden no longer. I came along to your group and couldn’t even say my name but you did more for me than you will ever know - you gave me hope

Awesome much needed private self space just to be myself without having to wear a mask. I’ve carried my burden on my own for so long and it’s just great to know that I am not alone

Just to say many thanks for the support I have been given. Through the support of other survivor’s life stories I believe I can start to heal. Please keep the work up. Some of us need you

Words cannot express the value of the groups

A space was made for me

About our self- help weekends …

I wanted to say, that I felt good sharing with other people. It helps loads when you meet people who have been through so much crap and can still be alive, which I where I want to be

I think being safe is a good place, and when I was at weekend I felt totally safe, and loved, as i am sure we all did

I went to the weekend not knowing anyone or knowing where I was going,
but I was greeted so warmly from the moment i arrived, it was such a
caring place to be with some amazingly wonderful people, I was able to
be me for the whole time and felt so incredibly safe. I have made some
very good friends because of it and was encouraged that people thought
I had jumped a huge hurdle in my healing. Thank you to everyone

We went to the seminars on self harm and ‘Helping Without Hurting’. We were helped and impressed by the way the speakers handled what they had to say

About our training & seminars …

Excellent seminars and sessions and a feeling that there is a great need for even more

Much needed seminars. Keep going in future years please. It is an issue for everyone to be aware of