S:VOX is able to provide training and informative workshops for professionals, organisations, community groups, churches etc. on issues relating to abuse (generally or specific forms), its impact, how to support abuse survivors and associated issues such as self-harm, eating disorders, trauma, recovery, approaches to healing, working with abusers etc. 

We can offer training in setting up and facilitating self-help sessions for survivors and supporters wanting to run their own events. This includes a comprehensive facilitators' handbook.

See our events page for our programme of training and events here

Previous participants say:

“Much needed seminars. Keep going in future years please. It is an issue for everyone to be aware of”.

"We went to the seminars on self harm and ‘Helping Without Hurting’. We were helped and impressed by the way the speakers handled what they had to say. "

Our training is written and facilitated by survivors and takes a survivor-centred perspective.  If your organisation has training needs, please contact us to see if we can help here