When you need help quickly, when you need to speak to someone now, when you need to get it off your chest; here is a list of places to call. Most are there 24/7.

S:VOX Publications

S:VOX has produced a comprehensive yet brief and very easy to read guides on various topics such as approaches to counselling, healing, therapy and self help (The Healing Maze) and finding a therapist (S:VOX Briefing Sheet 1). Other items and briefing sheets will be published here in the coming months.

Books for Survivors

Many survivors feel uncomfortable or inadequate to describe to loved ones what they have been through, often for fear of rejection. These books are written from the standpoint of someone who can explain in a sensitive way what a survivor of abuse has been through and how that person can help in practical ways.

Survivors Support Organisations

This page lists many organisations which provide support for survivors, their friends and family, and are able to provide longer term support, often in person. Leading the list is our own staff at S:VOX.

Seminar recordings from Greenbelt Survivors Network

Seminar cd’s and some downloads from previous events, some run by S:VOX personnel, on topics of abuse and surviving abuse. All are available here