how S:Vox use Twitter

we don’t follow people on Twitter

you can follow us by adding @svoxuk to your twitter feed

our Twitter feed is used to send out information

we might tell you about an up and coming event

or chat about a new feature on our website

or we might use it to inform people of meeting times or changes while we are at a festival or other event

(so there may be times when our twitter feed is not relevant to you ... try not to get confused if you are sitting at home with a cup of tea)

some thoughts on privacy

the first thing to get right is who can ‘follow’ you

you can choose to let just anybody follow you

when people are ‘following’ you they can read everything you post

if you ‘follow’ them as well you can send private messages to each other these are called ‘Direct Messages’ (DM)

you can block someone from your feed

depending on the application you use will depend how you do it but blocking a follower will always be an option

blocking a person means they can’t ‘follow’ you anymore and can no longer see what you twitter about

people often block business tweets or spam or advertising because they can be boring or not relevant to you

the other thing you can do is choose the option where someone has to ask your permission to ‘follow’ you

this has the advantage that you know everybody who is following you because you have approved them

it reduces spam from business but it drastically reduces the number of people who will follow you as most people who don’t know you won’t bother trying to follow you

be safe

Twitter is a free flowing friendly place with the odd fool ... a little like real life in that respect

the best way to experience Twitter is to leave your feed open and allow people to follow you and chat to the people who seem pleasant and friendly

if they bore you or you don’t like the way they talk to people or the things they talk about then just block them

don’t bother trying to persuade someone they were wrong or bad they tend not to listen and will probably just block you

if it is someone who is usually nice and friendly then assume they are having a bad day and will return to normal soon

don’t worry about blocking people they don’t know where you live and there is nothing they can do about it other than wonder what they said wrong

in most cases if you have not been chatting with them they won’t even notice you leaving


if you don’t understand or are worried about your settings ask one of our S:Vox Facebook Group administrators to help you they know about Twitter as well as Facebook

if you have any questions or would like to see other Twitter things explained here then please send us an email by clicking here