a few things to think about

the Police are there to help you

even if you have been in trouble with them before they will still listen to you

if you can, take someone with you for support

it might mean a bit of waiting and it is easier if you have company

you can walk into any police station anywhere in the country

if it is busy it might be better to come back an hour later ... save waiting ... go and get a cup of tea and go back later

if you are under 16 you are allowed to ask to see a child protection officer

they are specially trained to listen and understand the things you need to tell them about

you can ask to see a police man or woman, whichever you are more comfortable with

it is ok to ask for a private room to explain what you need to see someone about

you could say ‘ please could see someone in private to explain as it is a bit public out here’ ... they won’t mind and as soon as they can they will arrange it

always tell the truth

don’t say things because they make it sound more interesting

exaggerating won’t look good later

but also don’t hold back from saying things because you think it will be shocking, the police can cope with anything they are told

if you get upset while talking ask for a break and a glass of water, take your time there is no hurry

remember the police are there to help you they want to listen and make sure they understand everything properly