things to consider

the first thing to mention is that it doesn’t matter how long ago an incident occurred you still have the right to report it

you are important and if it happened to you then someone might be able to help you

it is perfectly possible that the person is no longer alive or very old or married with children ... none of which is a reason for them not to be reported

the person who abused you may have continued to abuse children for many years, they have never been caught because children find it very difficult to speak about their abuse, by speaking out you may stop them abusing any more children

if you speak out and tell your story it may encourage other people to speak out about the abuse they also suffered from the same person

sometimes even though you might report the abuse and make statements it can be still difficult to be able to charge the person with any offence, because it has happened in the past it can be hard to obtain evidence, or build a case

not being able to charge somebody does not mean the police do not believe you

the person may be charged and it may go to court and they might be found not guilty,

again this does not mean that everyone is saying they don’t believe you or that you lied,

it means that the case could not be proved beyond reasonable doubt