some thoughts on privacy

the most important thing to remember about Facebook is that you control who sees your page

think before you post information about yourself

if you never put your address or phone number on Facebook there is no danger of anyone seeing it

the first thing to get right is who can see what when they visit your page

the facebook default setting may not be what you want so it is important that you check it first so you can feel secure

top right hand corner of your home page is a menu ... Home Profile Account

clicking on ‘Account’ shows a small menu ... choose  ‘Privacy Settings’

this page shows you what each setting means

‘Everyone’ does mean anybody can look at your details

the most private control you can apply is set everything to ‘Friends only’

that means only people you have made a friend can see anything you do or talk about

so for example if i was your friend i could see that you had added a photo and i could look at that photo

but somebody who is my friend would not be able to see your photo or even that you had a put  photo on your page

you change your privacy settings by clicking on ‘Custom’ which is last on the list

and then choosing ‘customise settings’

you can then set every aspect of your Facebook page how you would like it to be

clicking the ‘back to privacy’ button ... top left ... takes you out of the settings page

no need to save it just does it for you when you leave

be safe

if you don’t know somebody then don’t add them to your Facebook page

even if the person seems to know loads of your friends

it only takes one person to agree to add someone and then ten others to think ‘oh well if they know him he must be ok’ and a stranger has access to all your photos, news, status lines and in some cases personal information

there is no need to feel any pressure to add people

if you reply with a phrase such as ‘sorry i only add people to Facebook that i have personally met in real life’ most people will either remind you where you have met or they will leave you alone

at any time a person can be blocked from your page

if you go to their page

look at the left hand column

scroll right down to the bottom of whatever they have there

the last thing you will see is a small selection of facebook stuff

one of them is ‘Remove this person’

(it is ok you only remove them from your facebook not wipe them off the planet)


if you don’t understand or are worried about your settings ask one of our S:Vox Facebook Group administrators to help you

if you have any questions or would like to see other Facebook things explained here then please send us an email by clicking here