S:VOX is a national survivor-led self-help organisation that addresses issues affecting survivors of any form of violence and abuse, be that physical, emotional, sexual or spiritual, experienced in childhood or adulthood. 

We use the term "survivor" as a shorthand for people who have experienced any form of abuse in childhood or adulthood, but encourage people to use whatever language they feel comfortable with in relation to themselves.

S:VOX's aims are to:

  1. Support abuse survivors through facilitating self-help

  2. Educate the wider community about abuse 

  3. Train professionals from a survivor-centred perspective

  4. Advocate with abuse survivors 

  5. Be a voice for survivors in social policy

Our self-help model is based on encouragement and empowerment. 

Please note that S:VOX does not provide counselling or therapy.

our vision is to be a voice for abuse survivors & those who support them & to play a significant part in creating a society where the effects of abuse are addressed & further abuse is prevented