Since summer 2000, S:VOX (in its embryonic form) has run a programme of support for survivors of abuse of any kind and seminars and workshops to educate the wider community about abuse and recovery. Greenbelt is a Christian Arts Festival, though it is important to say that S:VOX exists for people of any faith or none. For more information about Greenbelt, visit their site at

Greenbelt 2011

We have two sessions listed in the Greenbelt 2011 programme

Friday & Sunday evening ~ 8pm ~ Workshop 1 venue

Friday ~ 8pm ~ Workshop 1 venue

The Ipod Show ~ Special Edition

Pip Wilson hosts a special edition of the Ipod Show for survivors. Our theme Songs That Comfort, Inspire or Heal. Bring along a track on a media device with a headphone jack ... give a short explanation why you like it. Check in at the door if you would like to participate ... or just sit and listen to the music

Sunday ~ 8pm ~ Workshop 2 venue

Self-help Support group for abuse survivors. Run by S:VOX volunteers

This group is only for aged 18+ who have experienced abuse: sexual, emotional, physical or spiritual, as a child or an adult and their supporters. We come together to share and support each other in our healing journeys. You are welcome to to come and share or just to listen and ‘be’.

Daily ~ 11am & 3pm ~ Tiny Tea Tent

Teatime With S:Vox

meet other S:VOXers at the Tiny Tea Tent each day at 11 & 3. For an hour of tea, chat and random acts of creativity! Look for the table with the multi-coloured windmill


this is the windmill to look for at the Tiny Tea Tent

Recordings of previous Greenbelt seminars

In the last 5 years, a library of seminar recordings on issues of abuse and related subjects has been developed through our work at greenbelt. These include seminars on topics such as: Tree of life, tree of death— Jane Chevous and Concetta Perot - Home is where the hurt is - Helping without hurting - Eating disorders and self harm - Pastoral & therapeutic abuse Abuse: exploding the myth Healing the wounds of trauma These can be obtained through the greenbelt website, or click on the SVOX briefing sheets & resources page for links that will take you straight to the page where you can order them.




S:VOX volunteers helping to create a mosaic at greenbelt Arts Festival